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3 Ways to help you get over being dumped

Your relationship has ended. It stings, you’re sad and probably angry, too, but you’re ready to get on with your life. Here are three ways to help you get out of your funk.

Lonely woman after breakup

Your boyfriend’s just dumped you and you’re devastated. You’ve shed many tears, eaten much ice cream and are ready to take the next step to getting over him — but how do you do that? Here are three ways to help you move on with your life. But keep in mind that if you simply feel you can’t function in everyday life, you may want to seek out the help of a doctor or counsellor to help you through your tough time.

Spend more time with friends and family

Reach out to your friends and family for support. It may feel awkward at first to ask, but they are likely looking for some way to help you get over the hurt you’re feeling and will welcome a request for their company and a shoulder to lean on. Consider setting up regular dates — perhaps movie night with your bestie, brunch with your cousin every Sunday or an afternoon with your nieces (which surely your sister will love — an afternoon of free babysitting!).

Exercise regularly

If that ice cream and those sorrow-drowning cocktails have caused you to get a little soft around the middle, exercise will help tone you; plus, working up a sweat can be a great stress reliever. Take out your anger on that punching bag! Exercise will get you out of the house and feeling more confident as your body gets stronger and toned.

Start volunteering

Spending time with others who are experiencing unfortunate circumstances — working at a soup kitchen, say, or walking dogs at an animal shelter — can be not only a fantastic distraction from your life and recent breakup, but also a reminder that, while you are sad about the end of your relationship, it’s not the end of the world and there are other important issues to focus on in the world around you. Plus, this volunteer work can remind you that you are valuable as a person and have much to offer those around you.

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