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How to prepare for meeting the parents

Coming in second on the list of nerve-wracking days, right after the first date, comes meeting the parents for the first time. We never know what to wear, what to say, or what to do. Are they gonna like me? Are they gonna accept me? The questions are endless and the stress is overwhelming. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to calm yourself down and prepare for this meeting.

Woman meeting her boyfriend's parents

Make yourself comfortable

The worst feeling in the world is being uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. And on a day like this, when emotional discomfort seems to be an inevitable and uncontrollable, the least you can do is make sure of your physical comfort. It starts with what you’re wearing — and we can not stress this point enough. As ladies, we are taught to believe that physical comfort should be the least of our concerns when we are trying to achieve good looks. We wear super-high heels and super-tight belts, all for the sake of looking “fab.” While comfy clothes and meeting success might seem unrelated at first, being comfortable will reduce your nervousness and will allow you to move and talk more freely. There is no need to add to your stress because of an agonizing blister or goosebumps on your arms.

Read between the lines

Forced conversation never goes well. Talking about topics that you’ve been told about by your guy beforehand seems rehearsed. Making cultural observations might come across as offensive. Does that mean you are left stuck with the awkward weather conversation? Never! Pick up on little references that they seem to throw in casually, like a city they have visited, a play they have attended or even a dish that they have prepared and carry on the conversation from there. This shows that you are an attentive listener and will also lead to a long thread of conversation.

Be yourself

You impressed your man by being who you are and the key to impressing his family is being that same person. Remember that nobody is perfect and that what you might see as a fault or an attribute worth hiding might be a source of fascination to another. Allow his parents to see you the way he does, with all your giggles and childhood stories. Just be natural and stop thinking of it as an interview; it really is just a get-together. And always remember to smile.

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