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Is your workout a waste of time?

You want a toned, fit body and you’re working out — but are you truly putting in the proper effort to make the most out of your exercise regimen? Find out here.

Woman lifting weights

You’re putting in your time at the gym, but are you making the most of it? You’re clocking in the minutes, after all, and taking time out of your busy schedule — surely you want make that time count, by giving your workout your all and not just dialing it in. Find out if there are things you could be doing better here; do you see yourself in any of these three scenarios?

Your weights aren’t challenging enough

You want toned, lean arms, not bulky ones, so you’ve been opting for lighter weights that you find very manageable, even comfortable to use. But you’re only doing yourself a disservice. First off, women’s bodies don’t have the testosterone required to bulk up to he-man proportions, so you can put that worry aside. Second, to get a good, proper workout, your weights should be heavy enough. What’s “enough?” After 15 repetitions, you should be tired and need a rest. If you can perform more than that, you should be using a heavier weight.

You’re reading, following a television show or playing on your iPad

Listening to music for a motivational boost is one thing, but if you’re intently watching your favourite TV show or reading a novel from beginning to end, your focus simply is not on your workout. Sure, you’re doing the actions, but perfunctorily. You need to be paying attention to how much you’re exerting yourself and taking note of your form so that you don’t get injured.

You’re a one-workout kinda gal

It’s natural to gravitate towards one type of workout: the sweat-burning satisfaction of a cardio workout, the intensity and challenge of a strength workout or the precise focus and calmness of a flexibility class, to name just a few. But for the best results, you need to be incorporating a variety of elements into your workout to torch calories, strengthen your heart and tone and stretch your muscles — ideally in a way that’s functional, using movements that’ll translate to helping your body perform effectively in real life (for example, lifting your baby or carrying groceries).

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