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Lunch break walks

Working from nine to five every day can get tiring and demotivating, no matter how passionate you are about your job. It might be hard to break out of the office fatigue when the work just never seems to get done, no matter how much you fantasize. You can, however, give yourself some time out by taking an energy walk on your lunch break.

Woman walking to lunchGiving your mind a break

Our brains need breaks. Even when we are watching TV, we are still absorbing and processing information. Taking a walk allows us to reflect without having to take in new information. It is hard to motivate yourself near the end of a work day, when sometimes a two-hour task has taken five hours to complete. Blaming yourself is not the solution. What you really need is a mental break. Yes, sitting in the cafeteria, lunchroom or food court is a break from the office and its stagnant environment. But, it is still another scenario of sitting down in yet another routine-like manner. By taking a walk on your lunch break you will refresh your mind and rejuvenate your spirits. Being outdoors in fresh air and doing a little bit of physical exercise will not only give you a break, it will stimulate your brain so you can go back to work with new ideas and a fresh mind, so you will actually enhance your productivity, too.

Stay in tune with your body

We often neglect our aching bodies. We push them to the limit in an attempt to assert control over them. Interestingly, though, when our bodies are not getting the rest they need, our brains fail to function the way we want them to. Sitting on the same chair for three to four hours straight harms us more than we like to admit. Physical discomfort causes us to fidget and decreases our concentration span while working. A walk will get your muscles working while shooting endorphins into your brain. This will leave you feeling physically and mentally better, ready to freshly embrace the second half of your work day.

It’s easier than you think

A walk does not necessarily mean an hour-long stroll in a park, and is doesn’t mean giving up on eating and catching up on phone calls. You can walk to the cafe/restaurant where you grab your lunch, rather than driving there; you can take a quick, 15-minute walk around the block before sitting and eating; and on really sunny day, you can eat in your office and go with your favourite tunes for a longer walk. Let it be your “you” time in a hectic day at work. Your mind and body will thank you.

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