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5 sex questions you are afraid to ask, but really want to know the answer to

Sex is one of the most natural drives, yet it can be the most awkward to talk about. We all have hidden fantasies, questions and anxieties when it comes to sex. We want to have good sex and we sometimes focus too much on our performance and what our partner thinks, drowning in our own worries. Nothing is sexier than confidence in bed! And in order to be confident, you must free your mind from all the haunting questions.

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You might not be comfortable sharing your sexual thoughts with just anyone. To make it easier for you, here are some answers to some questions you are dying to hear an answer to.

How do I get him to try new positions without hurting his ego?

We all enjoy sex. But just as watching your favourite movie over and over again can get boring, so can having sex in the same positions over and over again. Yes, it is all about the connection, but we all need some salt and pepper to keep that attraction going. One way to bring it up without making it seem like he is not satisfying you is to make a reference to a column or an article you have read and how you think it would be quite saucy if you try this “new move.” This will get him excited without feeling inadequate.

Will it turn a guy off if I don’t always shave down there?

The first few times, most women aim at being as hairless and as smooth as a baby down there. But, no one has the time or the energy for that. And sometimes sex can be unexpected. Try a Brazilian wax; it will last for longer. Or simply trim. Most guys don’t notice it unless it starts feeling like a bush. Trimming it really short in desperate times will always do the trick.

How do I take sex out of the bedroom?

We all get comfortable, and guys especially get comfortable in beds. And while it might feel pushy to demand a change of scenery, taking it somewhere else yourself will yield much better results. Surprise him while he’s in the shower by hopping in with him. Or, surprise-visit him in the den with a bathrobe and nothing under!

How do I get him to please me orally?

Let him see that it is not scary as thinks it is. Keep it well groomed and give him full view when you are pleasing him orally and he just might start returning the favour. Sometimes a little conversation might help. If you are not comfortable talking about it, whisper a little dirty talk when you ask him to satisfy you for the night.

Is it OK to masturbate when having sex?

Clitoral orgasms can be easier to achieve than vaginal orgasms. And why not have both? Masturbation doesn’t mean that you’re not enjoying sex; it shows that you are enjoying it this much! You can start off by stripping and pleasuring yourself as a way of exciting your man, or guide his hands and slowly join him. It will only turn him on more!

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