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Blind date basics

It’s always nerve-wracking going on a blind date, but with some effort on your part, you can make the evening go more smoothly than your last nightmare of a set-up… even if you two are not a match made in heaven.

Couple on a blind date

Let’s face it: Blind dates can be excruciatingly awkward and may have you even reconsidering your friendship with the person who set you two up. But with a little bit of prep work, you can make the evening go more smoothly than past nightmare dates.

Be fascinating

You want to arrive to the blind date with things to talk about — interesting things. Spend a moment before you meet your date to think about what you’ve been up to, what things make you a more fascinating person. Not everyone has these stories ready, which is why a bit of prep work may benefit you.

Be positive

No one wants to hang out with someone who’s pessimistic or who isn’t very active socially. So even if you’re a workaholic, for now, focus more on what you do in your time off. You don’t want to portray someone who’s not you, so you can make it clear that work and your career is very important to you, but don’t make it out to be your whole life. (If you do, he’ll already start wondering how he’ll fit into your life if you continue to date.)

Be curious

While you’ve prepped yourself on how to be interesting and positive, don’t forget that it’s not all about you. You want to show interest in getting to know him. So ask about his hobbies, his work, his travel — but don’t make it a rapid-fire series of questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Make the queries open-ended and then keep the conversation flowing with your own input and stories.

Be lighthearted

Even if you’re more interested in a serious relationship and are looking for the person you’re going to marry and have kids with, you don’t want to bring up these serious life topics on the very first date. While you certainly don’t want to waste your time with someone who isn’t looking for the same things as you, right now you’ve just met, so it’s best to keep things light and casual. Also, avoid heavy topics of conversation, including political and social views.

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