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Top five first dates

First dates can be tricky. You don’t want to be too quiet, but you don’t want to blab too much either. It’s all about getting to know your date, leaving a good impression and, most importantly, actually having a good time.

Couple on special date

It’s hard to balance quality time and activities when you are on a first date. Sometime a first date can be with a complete stranger who you really want to know more about. Sometimes it’s with a friend you have known since forever and you’re trying hard to break out of the friend-zone. And sometimes it’s exactly in the middle.

Regardless of how well you know your date, a first date is always a first date. You want it to be remembered and you want it to lead to another one. Here are the top five first date ideas:


While a club is too loud and crowded for a first date, a lounge seems to be a popular, successful alternative. Lounges can be classy and elegant with sizzling music that isn’t overbearing. You can still enjoy a conversation while sipping on cocktails or sharing a cheesecake, which won’t be the only thing you two will share!

Comedy show

It is always important to have some sort of an entertainment plan, because the last thing you want is to drown in awkward silence or to be bored to sleep. A comedy show does most of the work for you, while allowing you to have something to share: laughter. Once you start laughing, it will be so much easier to open up and be yourself after the show.


And no, I am not suggesting that you go to that arcade booth in the theatre near you. But think Dave and Busters Arcade. You can have some nachos and drinks and get comfortable first, then you can start racing, shooting and collecting points. A little bit of competition always adds excitement and fun to first dates.

Dinner and movie

Although this seems too cliche, it always remains a classic. The fact that we hear about it all the time and see it in every other movie makes us want to relive the fantasy ourselves. The reason dinner and a movie is so popular is because it works! Sharing food gives you a chance to talk; then, watching a movie allows you to reflect and gives you a chance to think before getting too wrapped up in having to talk. Want to add a twist? Catch a movie, and then have dinner. This will give you something to talk about!

A walk by the water

We are all romantics at heart and we all love being blown away. Sometimes less is more, and simple dates keep the biggest smile on your face. Grabbing ice cream and going for a long walk by a lake or river can be a first date sent from heaven.

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