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5 Worst kissing styles

Whether it was in the eighth grade or just last week, we’ve all had experiences with less than stellar kisses. There’s no denying that a bad technique can absolutely kill the mood. But how do you know whether or not you happen to be the guilty party from time to time? As long as you avoid these not-so-great make-out styles, you can rest assured that you’re doing just fine.

Couple kissing

Same-old, same-old

It can be intimidating to initiate a new move that you aren’t sure your guy will like — but it’s far worse to stick to the same old routine. If you constantly work with the same series of events, you will both get bored and lose interest. Instead, throw him a curveball. Chances are, if he isn’t that into it his body language will tell you. But it isn’t going to scar him for life! If something doesn’t work, leave it in the past and give something else a whirl. You really have nothing to lose!

The battle of the teeth

Sometimes in the heat of passion, there might be the occasional banging of teeth — but you’re so into it that you don’t really notice. If, however, you find those teeth clanging on a regular basis, it might be something to work on. Perhaps it means slowing down until you get a sense of how the two of you move together; don’t be afraid. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.


There’s no getting around the fact that our mouths are wet — we aren’t aiming to accomplish the impossible here by creating the first dry make-out session. But if you ever wonder “Is this too wet?” it definitely is. Don’t simply press on, making matters worse; take a breather and let your mouth get back in line before you jump back into it.

Biting galore

A playful bite of the lip or the tongue is a welcome addition to any make-out session. But when a bout of kissing turns into a constant battle of who can chomp down on whom hardest, it’s gone too far. Let a little nibble be an occasional highlight of a kiss, not the main event — for both your sakes.

Too much action

When it suddenly seems like you’re in a competition of whose mouth can stretch the widest and whose tongue moves faster, things might be getting a little too active. A good make-out session is all about peaks and valleys, so don’t keep your mouth in permanent exercise mode. Go with what feels natural in the moment rather than pushing things further than they need to and you’re guaranteed to create an enjoyable experience for both of you.

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