5 Ways yoga improves your sex life

Lost the lust in your relationship? Hit the mat! Practising yoga can help put the spark back in your sex life — and it’s good for your waistline too.

Woman doing yoga at home

It makes you more mindful

Ever find yourself running through your to-do list in your head, focusing on that annoying bubble in the wallpaper or planning next week’s grocery list — while you’re supposed to be enjoying an intimate moment with your partner? We’re all busy people, but not being able to focus on the task at hand can be a huge downer when you’re between the sheets. Yoga teaches you to be more present in the moment by switching your concentration to your physical state and your breathing. Training yourself to focus on the here and now can help you orgasm faster and more intensely.

It increases body confidence

Having confidence in your body can really boost your performance in the bedroom, and nothing makes a women feel more confident about her body than the feeling of her favourite jeans being looser and her abs feeling firmer. As yoga tightens and tones your problem areas, you’ll feel more comfortable shedding your clothes in the bedroom. Nothing is sexier than a woman who feels secure in her own skin.

It gets you in shape

Yoga helps strengthen and tone your core and pelvic region, which can lead to more intense orgasms. It also increases your overall blood flow, which helps you get aroused more quickly. What’s more, as yoga whittles your waistline and gets you in shape, it can also boost your sex drive and the frequency of your sex life, according to research done at Brown University.

It makes you more flexible

Variety is the spice of life, so consider ditching your standard missionary position to try out a few new ones. Yoga will help with this because as your hips become more open, you’re better able to experiment with different sexual positions, either in the bedroom or out of it.

It boosts your libido

In case you’re still sceptical about the yoga-sex connection, consider this: A 2009 study from Harvard University found that women between the ages of 21 and 55 who practised yoga regularly were 75 per cent more satisfied with their sex life than before they took it up, and one of the main reasons was that they were more easily aroused than before.

In case you’re curious, some of the best poses for improving your sex life are triangle, cobra and spinal twist.

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