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Learn how to talk dirty to your man

Your guy really wants you to talk dirty to him — he finds it a turn-on. Or, maybe you want to try it as a way to spice things up in the sexy department. Here are some tips on how to started.

Talking dirty in bed

All tongue-tied when it comes to talking dirty? Don’t stress — many people feel the same way. But if you learn how to do it, dirty talk can crank up the heat when it comes to your sexual escapades, and it may even lead to a better sex life. After all, good communication is key and dirty talk is all part of being able to share with your partner what turns you on and what you want. So, take a deep breath and read on for ways to whisper naughty things to your man.

Start with language you’re comfortable with

You may be comfortable with blurting out the dirtiest thing and using the filthiest language; if so, by all means, go ahead if it’s something your partner will be receptive to. If not, you might want to ratchet it down a bit, until he is more comfortable with that language coming out of your mouth. And if you’re a bit timid about it, take comfort in the fact that you can start out with something more mild. Tell him how hot he looks, or how hot and bothered he makes you feel.

Try using other methods of communication

At the beginning, if you’re finding it really tough to get the words out of your mouth, you may find it easier to say it in a note you tuck into your boyfriend’s briefcase, or to say it in a text, typing rather than utter the words aloud. Of course, once you get the hang of dirty, you can still leave sexy notes and texts as another element of foreplay.

Get out of your comfort zone

As you become more at ease with talking about how you’re feeling sexually, you may find you want to test out more dirty words, or describe what you want in more graphic detail. Definitely give yourself the push to go a little further each time. You both may find that all this talk just adds to the foreplay.

Do some research

Watch movies, Google terminogy, read some racy novels — all of these sources can serve as inspiration if you’re feeling you need some help with ways of verbally sharing your sexual desires more creatively.

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