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Exercising when travelling

If you’re away from home a lot for work or pleasure, it can be challenging to keep active when you’re out of your usual surroundings. Here are some ideas to get you working up a sweat when away from home.

Woman using an inflatable yoga bolster

When you’re away from home, being out of your usual element can throw off any type of workout routine. It can become harder to find the time or the place to get your workouts done. Here are some ways you can make sure you’re getting some physical activity in — which can be even more critical when travelling, given the big meals and possibly greater sedentary time (sitting on a long flight, for example) you might be experiencing.

Practice yoga

Pick up some Yoga Paws (non-slip gloves and socks) so you can practice yoga anywhere — in your hotel room, bed-and-breakfast or wherever you’re crashing. Need some instruction? Try a yoga app or any one of the many free, streaming yoga classes you can find online.


Throw a pair of sneakers and a few pieces of running gear into your luggage and you’re all set to pound the pavement wherever you are. Talk to the hotel front desk for suggestions as to where to run. Hotels such as the Westin actually offer maps with pre-set run routes, so you can easily find a 5k run, for example, right in the hotel’s neighbourhood. Be sure to note what streets you’re taking when in a city you’re less familiar with so you can be sure to find your way back to your hotel. Bonus: Running offers a fantastic way to get to see the city you’re in.

Book a gym-equipped hotel room

Most hotels have gym facilities or offer access to a nearby gym if they don’t have one on the premises. But sometimes even just taking that hotel elevator can be a barrier to working out. If this happens to you, considering requesting a room that comes with some gym equipment in it. With the treadmill right in your room, you have no excuse for not getting your workout in.


In your free time, use sightseeing as a way to get more active. Perhaps there’s a lookout point you have to hike to get to; or, simply walk to that museum rather than grabbing a cab. Or that scenic bridge — why not walk across it so you truly get to experience it while getting some fitness into your schedule, too?

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