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Not your ordinary date night

We all know how important it is to have a regular date night with your spouse. But all too often, that means the predictable dinner and a movie. Think outside the box and get creative when spending time with your spouse. Here are 15 fun date night ideas you may not have thought of yet.


When you first start dating, dinner and a movie is the perfect date. There’s less pressure to keep conversation going when a huge portion of the date is spent eating or watching the movie. But, once you’ve been married for a while, the whole point of a date is to have conversation and reconnect with your spouse.

So, skip the movies and try one of these ideas that will get you talking.

Stay inside

Grab two pads of paper and a couple of pens, get cozy on the couch and create your bucket lists. Take turns adding those things that you dream of doing one day. You’ll learn more about one another and gain a new respect for each other’s dreams. You might be amazed at how many of your dreams overlap.

Buy a handful of each of your favourite magazines, put on some music and snuggle up together, sharing bits of your favourite articles.

Purchase a map of the world, Canada or even just your province or territory and take turns adding pins to the places you’ve seen. With each pin, tell your partner a story of when you visited that location.

Dig out the board games and spend the night connecting over a bit of friendly competition.

Dust off that fondue pot you got for your wedding, fill it with cheese or chocolate and set it up on the living room coffee table.

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Take it outside

Try taking a dance class together. You’ll either get really good or you’ll have a ton of fun laughing together along the way.

Find a cooking class where you can learn new techniques and recipes. You’ll be working together on a common goal and picking up some tips along the way.

Head to the bookstore, fill your arms with travel books, find a cozy corner and plan your dream vacation together.

When was the last time you went bowling? Hit up your local bowling alley, rent the ugly shoes and have fun.

Attend a boat, RV or car show and explore together. Point out your favourites and dream of the future together.

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Take it elsewhere

Find a local pub, indulge in a couple of pints of beer and shoot some darts or play a game of pool.

Dig out that pint of luxury ice cream you’ve been saving and take it onto the patio with just two spoons. Stargaze while taking turns with the container.

Head off on a hike together. Fresh air and sunshine will rejuvenate you while you’re making a memory.

Play mini-golf. It’s tough not to laugh and have fun when you’re trying to hit a ball through a miniature windmill.

Play tourists in your own city. Be sure to take loads of photos in front of all of the famous landmarks.

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