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Online dating: 6 Guys to avoid

Sure, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, but if you’re into online dating, their behaviour makes it at least a little little bit easier to separate the decent guys from the duds. Just stay on the lookout for these six types — and avoid them at all costs.

Woman on a bad date

Mr. All-about-me

Time is precious and you don’t waste it on a guy who obviously didn’t bother to read your profile; so, if he asks you a pretty obvious question that you’re sure you’ve already answered, move on. There are three reasons for this: One, he’s lazy. Two, you want a guy who’s actually interested in learning about you, right? If he can’t spare the five minutes it would take to read your bio, chances are he’s not going to pay attention to much else you say. Three, he’s probably just sending a generic message to every attractive female he comes across. You should be dating a guy who thinks you’re special — not one who’s lined up 15 other dates this month.

Self-portrait Guy

Are his profile pictures clearly all bathroom-mirror reflections? Taken without a shirt? Ugh. Not cool. With so much admiration for himself, you can bet that he’ll have very little left over for you.

The LOL Dude

“U r cute… wud u like 2 c me sumtime? Lol. That wud b gr8t” Um, heck no. While one or two LOLs is socially acceptable in this day and age, speaking all in text-speak is certainly not — even in text messages! Guys who do this are just plain lazy.

The Guido

Does he list his idol as The Situation or any of the other Jersey Shore cast members? Can you pactically see your reflection in his super-gelled, hurricane-proof hair? Stay away from this guy, unless you’re actually looking for a relationship that involves seedy night clubs, too many cheap shooters, frequent bar fights and constant jealousy-fuelled bickering. But then, don’t blame us when you find him on the dance floor making out with a Snooki lookalike.

The Backhanded Complimenter

If “I’m really into big-boned women” is his opening line, you might want to tell him to stick his “compliment” where the sun don’t shine. Either this guy doesn’t understand women, or he’s trying to undercut your self-confidence and make it seem like he’s doing you a favour by going out with you. Either way, you don’t want to get involved with this one, so do yourself a favour and hit the “block” button.

The Slash Guy

Slash guys are the ones who define themselves with a slash — you know, a model/actor, a bartender/actor, a taxi driver/model. Hey, there’s nothing shameful about working two jobs or trying to achieve your dreams, but these double-sided guys clearly aren’t settled in life enough to have a serious relationship. There are always exceptions to this rule, however: If he tells you he’s a firefighter/animal shelter volunteer, go for it.

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