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Turning your dancing passion into a calorie burn-fest

Who said burning calories cannot be enjoyable? No time to work out? No time to dance? Perhaps it’s time to combine the two in the comfort of your own home.

Zumba dance class

Dancing is a passion for many, no matter the age. We dance at parties, clubs, weddings, and (even though we might be reluctant to admit this) we dance in front of our mirrors. And in those moments of total absorption and fun, one thought still never leaves a woman’s mind: calories. So why not use one to burn the other?

Working out

Many of us love the idea of burning calories at the gym, yet are very skeptical about the commitment. We wonder if it’s worth it to pay all that money; if we would go enough to make it pay; and these questions dissuade us from joining. In today’s fast-paced world, it is almost impossible to fit our seemingly infinite to-do list into 24 hours, so burning calories and working out become the first thing to be flung off of our priority list. Yet, we don’t stop looking at ourselves in the mirror and stressing about our body image and our calorie consumption per meal.


No matter what our confidence level, we all love to dance. Some of us are more comfortable dancing in public than others, but we all love to goof around to ear-piercing beats every now and then. But just like working out, dancing does not make the cut in our daily routine. After all, why dance when you can work, type, clean, drive, cook or dry your hair? Some of us feel insecure about our moves and some of us see dancing as a teenage-reminiscent fantasy. But there’s no denying that dancing like nobody’s watching, when nobody’s watching, sends a rush through our veins and leaves us feeling alive.

The dynamic duo

Now, why don’t we combine it all in a quick, daily home workout? We may not have the time to dance a night away or to regularly bike or go the gym. But, we can dance in the comfort of our pajamas and the privacy of our homes for as long as wish. Simply turn up your favourite tunes for thirty minutes, goof around and experiment with all the dance moves you have been secretly hiding inside, and you will be sure to burn some serious calories on a daily basis. Dancing will enhance your core muscles, burn you those unwanted calories and send endorphins shooting up your brain.

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