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5 Date-night ideas so you’re not doing the same old thing

You’ve gone bowling, driven go-karts and done the mini-golf thing. What is a couple bored with date night to do? Try some of these ideas for a change of pace!

Exciting date-night ideas
Couple having romantic dinner

Tired of dinner and a movie? Here are some date-night ideas that’ll help spice things up.

Dinner by candlelight

Find a private, secluded spot where you two would not normally dine and set up a small table and candles for a makeshift private dinner. It can even be on your cramped balcony — just any spot that’s a change of pace for you and your guy. The roof of your building is another option; or, if you want to make it a real surprise, check with friends who have cool office or retail space to see if they’ll lend you their space for the evening.

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Take a chocolate-making class

Couple eating chocolate

We all know that chocolate can stir up sexual desire — so why not use this aphrodisiac as part of your date-night foreplay? Research cooking or chocolate schools in your area so you two will enjoy learning the ins and outs of chocolate-making. And, of course, the sampling that will take place will help ignite passions you and your guy can satisfy when you get home from class.

Turn your home into a spa oasis

Couple's massage

Book two registered massage therapists for massages at your home. Put on some soothing music and light some scented candles. As the therapists knead your tired muscles, you two can just lose yourself in the moment. And afterwards, you’ll both be so relaxed and loose that you’ll surely be in the mood to get frisky in the bedroom.

Act like teenagers

Couple kissing

Go for an inexpensive burger or pizza dinner and then go see a movie —where you’ll sit in the last row and make out like you used to in high school. Then drive to the lookout point (or wherever teens in your area tend to go) and continue your make-out session. Things may get so hot and heavy you’ll be racing to get home for some more action.

Rent a fancy car

Couple in a convertible

Find a luxury car rental company and rent a super, over-the-top vehicle to cruise around in for the day. You can use it to make out like teenagers (as mentioned), or just to drive around in style like a couple of high-rollers. Renting a luxury vehicle for a day — from a Rolls Royce to a Ferrari — is probably cheaper than you think.

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