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Bizarre cosmetic surgery procedures you didn’t know existed

Apparently it’s not all about face lifts and Botox in the world of plastic surgery anymore. Here are four new cosmetic procedures that are starting to be explored.

Eye surgery

Iris implants

Tired of the eyes you were born with? Well, now you can have your irises altered to whichever colour you prefer, without the hassle of contacts. The surgery was initially developed to help people born without irises or those who had damage to the eye. It has since become a surgery available in places outside of the U.S. and Canada for cosmetic purposes. But before you jet south to get yourself some baby blues, keep in mind that CBC News reports that such a surgery can lead to permanent vision loss. So maybe your mom’s old irises aren’t so bad after all.

Doggie face lift

In some cases this can be an extreme method employed by the owners of competition dogs to give their pups an extra advantage. But in one innovative case, the UK Daily Mail reported that a dog suffering from a rare disease caused by over-breeding was given a face lift which allowed her to see for the very first time. The owner reported that the surgery transformed Molly from a pained, unseeing pooch to an energetic puppy.

Ear pointing

Always had a thing for Spock? Been dying to feel like one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s elves? Then this is the surgery for you. According to ABC News, it is done through a procedure where body-modification experts slice the top cartilage on the ears and sew it back together in points. But before you book an appointment to look more like one of Santa’s little helpers, keep in mind that the procedure is both painful and irreversible — so those immortal elfin ears will be with you for a lifetime.

Tongue patch

According to’s Fitbie, there’s a new diet strategy in town — and it’s one you should probably stay clear of. If you pay a couple thousand dollars a doctor will sew a patch onto your tongue that makes it too painful to chew and swallow. The discomfort will turn you to a liquid diet, which may cause you to lose some pounds. But as soon as the patch comes off (as it must, eventually), chances are you will return to old habits and that weight will quickly pile back on. So, is costly surgery that causes you pain and may or may not provide you with results really worth it?

No doubt there are plenty of new cosmetic surgeries out there, but they certainly merit a whole lot of thoughtful consideration before jumping on board.

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