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Hair and makeup tips from the pros

We headed backstage at Montreal Fashion Week and learned all sorts of insider tips from beauty pros behind the incredible hair and makeup on the runway.

High ponytail

Some of the hair and makeup on the runway at Montreal Fashion Week might be too daring or editorial for real life (black lips, anyone?) but there are always a wealth of techniques you can implement to make your look even better and more skilled — ways to open up your eyes, or to simplify making a high ponytail, to name just two. Read on for more advice from Amélie Ducharme, Cover Girl Makeup Pro, and Denis Binet, Pantene Consulting Stylist — the beauty experts at Montreal Fashion Week.

To do a good, high ponytail

If you try to do a high ponytail with freshly clean hair, your hair will be too soft and slippery to get the proper height and hold you want. Be sure to work in plenty of gel to add texture before making your ponytail. This will also keep the look sleek, as the gel will help control flyaways.

To make your skin look pale

You already know you should be wearing sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every day. If you want to give your skin a paler look, you can wear a foundation that is one shade lighter; just be sure to blend well, and do some contouring with a slightly darker pressed powder. If you go any lighter than this, you risk looking like you have a mask on.

For matte, irridescent lips

Look to your blushes and eyeshadows to give your lips an even more matte and frosty look. Apply lipstick and then, in a shade close to your lipstick shade, apply a layer of your blush or eyeshadow.

To make your eyes and/or lips the focus

If you’ve applied a dramatic eye look, or have a bold lip colour on, you may feel too “done” with your cheeks played up with blush. Skip the blush altogether and simply apply some contouring to keep the look more minimal.

To make your eyes pop

To make your eyes look more awake and wide open, apply a bit of creamy eyeshadow in beige or pale pink to the inner corner of the eyes. The light will catch this irridescence, making you look like one bright-eyed beauty.

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