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4 Unusual ideas: Valentine’s Day date

You can go to a dinner and a movie any night. Try something out-of-the-box this Valentine’s Day and add some excitement to this celebration of love. Who knows, you may just discover a favourite new activity for date night!

Valentine's Day date

Cupid, chocolate, sweets, hearts — Valentine’s is unlike any other day, so why would you celebrate it the way you would any other date night? Sure, you could go to your favourite restaurant… but you were just there last week. Mark this special day with something you’ve never tried before and it’ll surely be a Valentine’s Day to remember. Isn’t celebrating your love worth the effort?

Rent a hotel room in your own city

Instead of spending the night at home, splurge on a fancy hotel room — or go cheap and cheerful (you can pretend you’re having an illicit affair and this is your usual spot for a quickie). In fact, renting a cheapie motel can add a bit of nostalgia if this is what you two used to do when you lived with your parents or roommates. Or, treat your Valentine’s Day like a staycation: You’ll feel like you’ve escaped everyday life for just one night and you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated.

Work out together

Skip the jam-packed, dimly lit restaurants and hit the gym together instead. Whether you take a class together or simply do your own workout while there is unimportant. You just want to get those feel-good endorphins flowing — and see each other work up a nice sweat. Once you’ve got your heat turned on, head home, shower together, and let the rest of the evening take care of itself….

Recreate your favourite vacation together

Stay in — but don’t just light some candles and enjoy dinner together. Take things up a notch and recreate the best holiday you’ve taken together. If it was the beach getaway, crank up the heat a bit, lay some towels on the living room floor, play some summertime tunes and enjoy a picnic on the “beach.” Or was it your trip to Italy? Set your iTunes to an Italian playlist, prepare some traditional Italian food (such as spaghetti alla carbonara) and let the red wine flow.

Role-play your favourite movie moments

Select a few of your favourite romantic or sexy movie moments or roles and have fun with them. Maybe your guy can serenade you, a la Say Anything. Or if he has a thing for Xena, put on your best Warrior Princess act. Or practise that lift from Dirty Dancing (this move certainly helps Ryan Gosling‘s character in Crazy, Stupid, Love).

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