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Winter date ideas to warm your hearts

Sure, it’s winter, but that’s no reason to spend every date night bored at home. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do in the winter so now’s your chance to try something totally new.

Ice skating date

Ice skating

It isn’t every day of the year that you can skate around a rink. So seize the opportunity to lace up and enjoy a totally new kind of date with your man. If possible, try to track down an outdoor rink. Many major cities have a large one in a central location. Or there are often community ones set out in various areas around town. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the fresh air as you skate around hand in hand with your guy. But in a pinch an indoor community rink is also a perfectly acceptable option. Many public rinks have skates for rent but if not you can easily pick up an inexpensive pair at Canadian Tire. Whether you are experienced skaters or haven’t done it since you were 4 years old, spending a night skating together is something you are sure to never forget.

A night around the home

Now, this isn’t your typical it’s-too-cold-outside-let’s-stay-in kind of night. This is about celebrating that it’s winter and the different feelings the season brings. Start out taking a nice long walk together outside. Enjoy the snow, the stars and the fresh air. By the time you get back home you might be a little tired and chilly — the perfect time to whip up a yummy batch of hot cocoa! You can settle in under a nice warm blanket and sip your drinks while you watch a wintry movie. This night isn’t about hiding away from the cold — it’s about enjoying the fact you have a wonderful man to keep you warm.

Volunteer together

Winter is a tough time for a lot of people. Charities are often overloaded and understaffed. So why not take one night of your week to head over to a shelter or other charity of your choice and offer your assistance. For a few hours you’ll get to spend some time with your guy and feel like you’re helping out in your community. By the end of it you won’t have just experienced a new kind of date night — you will have made a difference in the lives of others.

Play in the snow

Playing outside in the winter isn’t just for kids! So on the first sight of snow, grab your man and get outside. Make some snow angels, go sledding, build a snowman, rent some cross-country skis or have a snowball fight. There are so many fun things for you to do together in the snowy weather so don’t let those flakes pass you by. Get outside and enjoy what mother nature has to offer!

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