Keep yourself from burning out

Demi Moore and Tracy Morgan both ended up in the hospital due to stress and exhaustion recently… See? Celebrities are just like us — they get exhausted, too! With that in mind, here is how to help prevent exhaustion before it takes you down.

Stressed out

More than just feeling tired, exhaustion comes with feeling burnt-out and lethargic, usually for more than a couple of days. It involves feeling spent mentally, emotionally and physically along with a sense of helplessness that you can’t seem to shake off. Here are some ways to deal with exhaustion before it becomes something more serious.

See a doctor

Exhaustion can sometimes be linked to things going on in your life, or to something physical. Start by talking to your doctor, as he or she can refer you to a therapist (if it’s something psychological that’s ailing you) or have you checked out for certain conditions that may be contributing to your exhaustion — sleep apnea, insomnia and anemia, to name just a few.

Adjust your day-to-day lifestyle

If it’s work that is contributing to your exhaustion, figure out ways to better manage the stresses so you can get back on the healthy track — whether it’s hiring a new assistant to cover some of the workload, or perhaps even launching a job hunt so you can escape the stressors entirely. Cut down on the time you spend at an exhausting activity (opt out of the dreaded vacation with your demanding relatives and go on the pure R&R holiday you need, for example). At the very least, ensure you are eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and staying well hydrated.

Add more “me time” to your schedule

Consider the activities that help you stress less and make time for them. For some, it may be yoga and/or meditation, whereas others may find it more beneficial to sweat it out doing something more aggressive, such as Crossfit or Spinning. Or perhaps it’s quiet time your brain and body is craving — so perhaps painting or reading is in order.

Spend time socializing

Although it may be hard to muster up the energy, seeing friends may help you feel less alone and will give you time to relax and be yourself with people that know you. Your friends, of course, can also be a sounding board for frustrations you are experiencing, and it can be comforting to remember that you do indeed have a support system.

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