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More Tetley Infusions drink recipes

There’s nothing boring about tea-infused drinks, so don’t serve them that way.

Lemon infused ice tea

Tea bar

At your next party, try something new by letting your guests build their own drinks at a tea bar. Offer a variety of juices, club soda and Tetley Infusions, and let your friends build their own drinks. Encourage guests to be brave and start with a mixture of their favorite juices, then add even more flavor with the Infusions. Offer various fruit garnishes to offer a pop of color, as well as another layer of flavor, to the drink.

Summer splash >>

Be sure to offer fun stir sticks so every drink can be perfectly blended, as well as tons of ice for keeping drinks cold.

Make-ahead drinks

There’s no need to spend your whole party in the kitchen mixing up drinks. Use your favorite juices, club soda and Tetley Infusions to mix up three or four different types of drinks. Pour drinks into mason jars and label each jar with a decorative label to let guests know what kind of drink is in the jar. Put the lids on tight and store the drinks in the fridge for a few hours until the start of your party. Fill a large bucket or cooler with ice and arrange the jars in the ice. Guests can choose their flavors and drink straight from the jars.

The cranberry blues >>

Spike your punch

There’s nothing wrong with the standard punch bowl, but Tetley has a way of dressing it up a bit. Make your regular party punch, then add a packet of Tetley Infusions. Your regular punch will be reinvented with a new, sophisticated twist that your guests will be sure to love.

Green tea summer punch >>

Freeze your fruit

Cold tea isn’t very good when it gets warm, but using ice isn’t your only option for keeping drinks cold. Freeze fruit and use it in place of ice in your drinks infused with Tetley Tea. The frozen fruit will keep drinks cold, and as the fruit starts to melt, it will add a whole level of flavor to the drink. Once the drink is gone, the guests can eat the fruit.

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