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Buy intimate products discreetly

If you cringe at the thought of purchasing intimate products, you’re not alone. According to, 37 percent of all women feel at least somewhat embarrassed to buy sex-related items. Luckily, manufacturers and store owners are well aware of this discomfort and have responded by providing more discreet ways to buy intimate products. Use these quick tips to make your purchase easier.

Sex shop

1At the store


When you need condoms, lubricant or personal hygiene items right this minute, stopping by your local pharmacy or grocery store is probably your best bet, but there’s always the chance you could run into your neighbor in the checkout line. To avoid this potentially uncomfortable situation, consider the following suggestions:

  • Purchase your items from a drive-through pharmacy at the drugstore. Pharmacies provide all sorts of sexual health items, and making the purchase and payment from the safety of your car can prevent any uncomfortable run-ins.
  • Call the pharmacy to see if you can place a pick-up order over the phone if your drugstore or grocery store doesn’t have a drive-through . Most pharmacies are happy to package your items and have them waiting for you at the counter when you’re ready to make your purchase. Plus, the paper pharmacy bags ensure that prying eyes aren’t privy to the details of your shopping trip.

2At the house

Some sensual products, such as sex toys, may present a more frustrating purchasing process. The sheer number of products available online may seem overwhelming, but shopping at an adult store and asking for help may seem too embarrassing. If you find yourself in this predicament, consider contacting a sensual product consultant. These consultants are independent saleswomen who work for companies such as Passion Parties and Pure Romance. You can choose to host a party with your girlfriends to learn about everything from personal lubricants to high-tech sex toys, or you can simply ask questions and make simple purchases over the phone. In either case, your questions are answered by someone trained to discuss intimate products, and you never have to set foot in a store.

3On the Internet

If you’re not in a rush to receive your item and you know exactly what you’re looking for, purchasing intimate products online is probably the easiest, most discreet way to go. Online sex stores and other intimate product manufacturers understand that the purchasing process can be uncomfortable, so they make deliveries in nondescript cardboard boxes without any external indicators of the internal product. Some online stores even have nondescript store names that show up on your credit card statement to keep your purchase as anonymous as possible.

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