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10 Creative ways to say “I love you

Keep the spark alive in your relationship with some creativity and romance. Say “I love you” with more than just spoken words. Try these 10 creative ways to let him know how you feel.

Show him how you feel
I love you Post-it

Say it with breakfast

You can spell it out with Cheerios on the breakfast table, or just use the I Love You Toast Stamp and say it right on his bread.


Leave Post-its

Leave Post-it notes in off-the-wall places around the house with romantic (or sexy) messages to your sweetie.


Make a coupon book

Make him a coupon book with coupons for one kiss, one message, one — You get the picture…


Write it in the sand

Depending on the season, you can write love messages to your sweetie in the sand or snow.


Put a note on his lunch

Pack him a healthy lunch for work, and leave him an “I love you” message on the outside of the bag.


Send him a pantygram

Forget flowers or candy. Send your man a Pantygram. He’ll be thrilled to receive this fun and sexy gift.


Make him a mix tape

Burn a CD with all his favourite tunes, music that means something to both of you or love songs that tell him how you feel.


Get ink

Say “I love you” by getting a tattoo. It doesn’t have to be big and tacky, just a small symbol to signify your love for your partner.


Leave him a voice mail

If your man travels a lot, leave him a loving voice mail while he’s on the plane so it will be the first thing he hears when he checks his messages at his destination.


Write it on his car

Write “I love you” on his car window with shoe polish or washable paint. Don’t do this unless you are in a serious relationship — you don’t want to seem like a stalker or a vandal.

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