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Have a sexy staycation this summer

As the weather heats up outside, why not make things equally hot inside? You don’t have to go far to spice up your sex life. In fact, you don’t have to leave your home at all. You can rejuvenate your sex life with a little devoted time and a lot of energy. But trust us: It’s worth it. Here are a few tips for having a sexy stay-at-home vacation.

Sexy staycation breakfast

1Change up your routine.


Keep things interesting in the bedroom by banishing your old routine. Change up your usual sexual position for one that’s naughty and feels nice. Now’s the time to try that position you’ve been too shy to try in the past. Perhaps add a warming lubricant to the mix to really get things going, or introduce a sexy new toy.

2Find A new location.

In the house, that is. You don’t have to venture to Hawaii for an exotic (and erotic) vacation. Take a vacation from the typical location. If you’re used to making love on your bed, try out other spots in the house. Take it to the couch, the laundry room, the shower or even the kitchen table. The house is all yours, so do whatever you want to whomever you want.

3Devote a day to getting down.

Sex can lose its spontaneity when it’s planned, but planning an entire day around it can be exciting for you and your partner. Devote an entire day to pleasing each other. It doesn’t have to all be sex. Give each other a romantic massage or cook a meal together. Leave room for breaks and recuperation, then get right back to being naughty.

4When he’s gone, make sure he knows you want him home.

Did he break staycation rules and leave the house to run errands? Let him know you want him back and exactly what you’d like to do when you see him. A simple sexy text or voicemail can go a long way. It’s practically digital foreplay! If you’re feeling especially naughty, snap a quick picture in your skivvies and send it over. He’ll come back ready to go.

5Eat & drink for sex.

Taking the time to prepare a meal together is a loving and cooperative way to achieve an end, much like sex — but make sure that you’re eating and drinking with sex in mind during your staycation. No one wants to get it on after eating a huge burger. Order in sushi, or cook up something light. Have a couple cocktails or glasses of wine. Once that warm feeling takes over, take the hot stuff to the bedroom.

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