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5 Relationship red flags

All relationships have their ups and downs and problems do arise, but there are some more major issues to watch out for that could mean you need to rethink your relationship. We’ve put together a guide to five major red flags aimed at helping you avoid staying in a relationship that’s going nowhere.

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1. He never has money

Not everyone has money all the time — jobs come and go, bank accounts rise and fall, but if your guy is constantly borrowing cash, not paying it back and always expecting you to pay for him, it may be time to move on. He may have you convinced that his next windfall is just around the corner, but if he can’t afford to put gas in his car or pay his phone bill, you could be looking at bigger financial woes down the road.

2. He’s disrespectful

If he doesn’t respect your opinions, your job or your passions, take that as a sign of trouble brewing in your budding romance. Respect is a cornerstone of a good relationship and if he makes fun of you for what you like and do, how can you grow and bond as a couple?

Alternatively, if you’re having a hard time respecting him [for his lack of job, financial irresponsibility or childish attitude] you might have to re-evaluate your feelings for him. Once you’ve lost respect for someone, it can be really hard to regain it.

3. Your friends hate him

You can overlook it if just one of your friends isn’t crazy about your guy, but if all of them are having a hard time warming up to him, you should probably take their feelings into consideration. They could be picking up on a bad vibe you just haven’t noticed because you’re too distracted by his good looks and the pricey places he’s been taking you for dinner. But if you’re BFFs are all baffled by his personality, they could be on to something, so take note.

4. You’re never a priority

Always blowing off plans with you to hang out with his friends or never calling when he says he will can mean he’s just not as into the relationship as you are. It’s fine to do separate things and have separate interests and friends, but if you’re always taking a backseat to other things in his life, it could be a sign your relationship is heading downhill.

5. He doesn’t listen

No, we’re not talking about the times he forgets to take out the trash or do other tasks you ask him to do as his eyes glaze over. We’re referring to the fact that he never seems engaged when you’re asking for support or a sounding board. If he’s playing Angry Birds while you’re trying to tell him about your awful day, or has one eye on the TV while you relay how poorly your presentation at work went, it could be a sign he’s not the one for you.

No one expects him to be your shoulder to cry on 24/7, but he should know when he needs to be supportive.

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