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Speed dating: Should you try it?

Tips for trying speedating:

Make little notes on your speedating card about each date. Since you meet quite a lot of people in one night, names aren’t enough to remember that person, so consider jotting something distinctive about that person to help you remember them and whether you were interested in getting to know them further.

Use the breaks to socialize! Most speedating events have an “intermission” where you have the chance to mingle further with some of the people you met. Instead of updating your friend about the dates in the restroom, use the break to chat more with a date that caught your attention!

Lastly, try not to go to the speedating event expecting to meet your future husband! Instead, consider this a fun night out where you could get dressed up and flirt with some new and interesting people, with no strings attached.

Speedating may be something you’ve always wanted to try, so why not try it and get out of your comfort zone?

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