How to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Just because you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you should hide in your room and hate love and couples. You can still enjoy the day that celebrates love with your family and friends! Here are five ways to survive Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

Gilfriends eating and having fun

Girl’s Night Out

Call up your single friends and go out for some fun. Go to dinner, a bar, a movie, bowling, anything where you’ll have fun. No one said that you have to spend Valentine’s Day romantically, so why not spend it with friends you love?

Spend the night with your favourite movie hunk

Do you drool over Johnny Depp or Ryan Reynolds? Why not rent a few of the movies they star in and spend your night drooling over them some more!


Start a secret-cupid!

Instead of Secret-Santa, have a Secret-Cupid. Get your single friends to draw names and give your Secret Valentine chocolate or flowers. You can even include some of those Valentine cards you used to exchange with classmates when you were a child. This way each of you will have a Valentine!

Throw a pot luck

If you are dreading going out and seeing couples acting, well, couple-y, gather your single friends and organize a pot luck. Sharing Valentine’s Day amongst food, friends, and laughter is a great way to celebrate love!

Treat yourself!

Who says you have to have someone give you chocolate or other nice gifts for Valentine’s Day? Get some of your favourite chocolate for yourself to enjoy. Is there a sweater you’ve had your eye on at the mall? Go out and buy it. Need some relaxation? Treat yourself to a massage at the spa. Whatever you decide, you deserve to spoil yourself once in a while, so why not on Valentine’s Day?

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