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Love it or leave it: The real workout for real results

We have all trudged reluctantly through the same old work out even when we aren’t getting results and hating the time spent at the gym. There is no need to hate fitness in order to see the results you need and deserve. Here are some easy ways to change it up and get you back on track to loving your workouts again.

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Don’t stick to a routine

Maybe we stick to an exercise routine despite its obvious ineffectiveness because ironically, we are too lazy to find something better. Rather, maybe we aren’t evaluating whether our regiment is living up to our needs and standards.


Becoming bored or complacent with your exercise routine is the best way to not exercising at all. We are only human and putting yourself through the same workout routine day in and day out for months, does not facilitate much growth.


Rise up to the challenge

The success of a workout plan is directly related to how well your body can rise to the challenge that you are setting out for it . If there is little to no challenge, that is to say that your body and mind can anticipate every aspect of your routine, then there will be little growth.


“Muscle Confusion” is one of the leading trends in physical fitness. The premise is to challenge your body in different ways by modifying activities, repetitions and weights in order to prevent plateaus in progress. Findings of an Arizona State University study published in May of 2002 in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research” stated that the muscle confusion principle increased participants leg and bench press strength over a 12 week period.

More energy expended by your body as you change it up means more calories burned, more endorphins released and more satisfaction for you from your workout.


How to change your routine

There are many simple ways to change up your routine. Simply changing the days in which you do certain activities can help put some snap back in your workout. Try modifying how much weight you are lifting and subsequently the reps completed from week to week for maximum muscle growth.


For those of you looking for something a little more drastic, try attending a free introductory class of a new activity offered by a gym. Most gyms will offer a complementary class for people looking to try something new. Grab a buddy and step out of your comfort zone; you never know what form of exercise you may fall in love with.

Another simple idea is to change the order of your workout. If you always start with cardio and then switch to strength training, then start with the weights and finish up with a good sweat.

Fitness should be innovative and exciting; change up that boring old routine and see results. Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed and keep it fun!

The best at-home workout

No need to join a gym to get started, why not start working out in the confort of your living room!

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