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Is your gym making you fat?

We all need to feel safe and welcome in our fitness facility. In order to maximize your time spent at the gym, you need to choose your facility carefully so that it best suits your personality and needs. Here are ways to find out your gym is helping you get in the best shape and not fat…!

Gym workout

feeling comfortable while working out

A new gym facility is similar to a new pair of running shoes; each has a different style and feel to it and choosing the perfect fit will directly affect how much you will use and value the purchase. Everyone needs to feel comfortable when they workout.

exercise can help mold our mind, body and soul

For many, strutting around while sweating and attempting many awkward body positions can make even the most self-confident individual feel out of place. Feeling at home in your gym will create a positive environment while fostering a healthy self-image. Packing around pounds of negativity can serve as a substantial obstacle for many. After all, exercise can help mold our mind, body and soul.
Feeling at home in your workout facility allows you to directly focus on the task at hand and set aside all others distractions. It is important to acknowledge that all gyms aren’t built for everyone. Many of us aren’t aware of the multitude of age, gender, equipment, sport and goal specific gyms that are available.

Working out and getting a date?

For some, training next to someone of the opposite sex adds various stresses to their workout regime. If this applies to you, then choose a sex specific gym. You can walk in, workout and leave without worrying about wearing make up, figure flattering workout gear or that individual that was staring at you throughout your entire workout.
According to the “National Post”, the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus has found great success in combatting low female participation in recreation and fitness with women’s only hours. Others may find that a co-ed facility offers a social outlet as well as the push to train harder. No one says you can’t workout and get a date at the same time.

Simply acknowledging your specific facility needs and wants will help you maximize your money and time spent at the end of the month. Don’t let your gym make you fat. Find a fit that is right for you and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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