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Why choosing the right fit friend is important

It is imperative that we all recognize the value in choosing a workout buddy that will aid us along our journey towards fitness success. Choose your workout buddy as you would choose your mate. None of us would marry someone that we did not respect or share similar goals with, so why would we choose to workout with them? If fitness is important to you and your life, then choosing the perfect workout pal is crucial to the success of your fitness regiment

Fitness buddy

Working out with a friend can help you stick with your program and see results sooner.

The Harvard School of Public Health states that working out with a friend is an effective way to getting more active. Your workout buddy is the person that drags you out of bed when you would rather cozy up under the covers. She is the person that you look to for new training techniques.

Depend on each other

You should also admire her dedication towards fitness and her own body. Your fit friend will also depend on you for all of the aforementioned aspects of exercising. We are talking about a symbiotic relationship, by which both organisms must give and take in order to continue to function effectively.
We do not need to search the want ads for personal trainers who are in need of workout pals, but we do need to find people that share similar fitness goals with us. Nor, should we look to Hollywood to gage our fitness success; it will only give a skewed and unrealistic view of what to strive for.

Seek out the same goals

It would be detrimental to both your self-esteem and overall enjoyment of your fitness routine if you chose to workout with an individual that had monumentally different fitness goals than you . If she wants to run an ultra marathon and you want to run around the block, you both may not get what you need out of this relationship.
Verbalize your goals with your workout pal and discuss how you are both going to achieve them. Finding a fit pal that you love, respect and admire will keep you training with purpose, and loving it too!

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