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4 First date alternatives

So maybe you decided to ask the cute guy at the coffee shop for his number, or your bff set you up with the guy from her office, whatever the case, now it’s time to decide where to go and what to do for your first date! Well instead of the outdated dinner and a movie date, try switching it up with something new. The ideal date is one where you actually get to know your date, instead of planning your escape after the appetizers — so to help you out we have four great first date alternatives!

Get outside!

Ice skating

A date in the great outdoors is perfect for anyone who wants an adventurous first date. Going to the driving range, hiking or hit the slopes for a ski date is great because you can get outside and if things are going well you can continue the hike or play a round of golf to keep it going! Obviously you should like being outside if you are going to suggest a date like this.

Plan a Game Night

Bowling, billiards or pool, are not only fun but you can never go wrong with a bit of competition! Maybe your hidden skill is that you are pool shark, or great at darts, or maybe you aren’t a pro at either but your date probably won’t mind. Not only can you find out whether your date is overly competitive, a sore loser or a gracious winner, you can chat in a laid back environment and if things are going great you can stay longer or plan a quick escape if your date keeps yelling, “in your face” every time he gets a strike.

Hit the Scene

So if you are kind of a scenester and your date is too, suggest going to a show, comedy club or open mic night. This is a great date if you’ve already talked ahead of time and know that you both want to see the same band or comedian. Not only do the both of you get to do something you enjoy but you will have enough time to chat in between sets and at least if you aren’t feeling sparks you aren’t stuck sitting across from one another at a dinner table in silence.

Plan an Afternoon Date

The pressure seems to be off when you are on an afternoon date, maybe because you aren’t fretting about how the night should end. So if you find yourself being setup on a blind date and you are supposed to decide where to meet, suggest an afternoon date in your favourite neighborhood. You can lead the way to your favourite museum, record store, bookstore or coffee shop, etc. — and it’s a great way to talk about one another and find out what you have in common.

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