Your ultimate guide to a Canadian winter wedding

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Tips from a pro

There are some additional things couples planning a winter wedding should keep in mind, so we turned to an expert in all things winter weddings to get some advice. Christie of Mountainside Bride is a popular wedding blogger who specializes in mountain weddings and is more than familiar with frigid conditions, snowy peaks and the ups and downs of a winter wedding.

  • If you’re not acclimated to the region you plan to get married in or your guests are travelling in from lower altitudes, Christie suggests being mindful of altitude sickness. Be sure your guests are aware of the possibility, and give them tips on how to avoid it.
  • Christie suggests making guests a welcome bag filled with winter essentials, like ChapStick, sunblock and extra water. Be sure you and your wedding party also stay hydrated.
  • The cold temps might make you forget that the sun is still powerful. “When snow is on the ground, it reflects the sun’s rays in every direction. Sunglasses are a must for everyone to prevent ‘snow blindness,’ which is basically a sunburn on your retinas, and it’s very painful,” says Christie.
  • Avoid shivering on your wedding day! “Layering applies just as much to winter wedding attire as it does winter backcountry travel. Winter mountain brides should not only consider a wrap or bolero to keep the chill off their shoulders but also heavier tights, especially if they are doing outdoor portraits,” Christie advises.
Image credit: Christie of Moutainside Bride and her husband via Bluebird Imaging.

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