Your ultimate guide to a Canadian winter wedding


Having a wedding in the middle of winter can be a big benefit when it comes to attire. Any girl who’s ever worn a wedding dress will tell you that all those layers of fabric are hot, and summer weddings can be downright torture for a bride covered in tulle. For men, the same applies. They are already wearing long pants and a jacket in most cases. Brides might want to opt for a bolero or jacket for any outdoor photos or just to keep the chill away.

The biggest thing to take into consideration is your footwear and the attire of your bridal party. If you don’t plan to take photos outside in the snow (though we think you should!), footwear doesn’t really matter, but if you are hoping your bridesmaids will brave the cold temps to get a great shot, you need to make sure they have appropriate shoes. No one wants frostbite on their toes for the sake of your wedding photos. Get yourself and your maids snow boots or other appropriate shoes. They can swap them out for stilettos for their walk down the aisle.

You’re unlikely to wear a strapless dress in the middle of winter, so take that into consideration when you pick your bridesmaids’ dresses. That doesn’t mean you need to opt for flannel turtlenecks, but it does mean you should at least provide a jacket or bolero in case they get chilly.

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Take a cue from Mother Nature

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Winter is filled with glistening whites and neutral tones, but that doesn’t mean your wedding palette has to be bland or boring. Opt for crisp white, metallics for a little sheen and rich textures, like burlap or wool, in neutral tones. Branches spray-painted gold or silver will make for a striking and inexpensive display on tables or to adorn the aisle. Different textures will add dimension to a simpler palette.

‘Tis the season

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Winter is home to the holiday season, which gives you the perfect excuse to make your wedding a festive affair. Deep reds, evergreen and even royal blue make for beautiful wedding colour palettes. Save money by opting for seasonal blooms, like poinsettias, evergreen trees or amaryllis. Small wreaths can be used as aisle markers, and Christmas trees covered in twinkling lights can be used to decorate the reception venue. Christmas ornaments in glass vases can make for a pretty display.

The more sparkle, the better

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There’s never a better time to use glitter and glam than for a winter wedding, so take advantage of the opportunity, and bedazzle your event! During the winter months, with the holidays and the new year, people expect to see over-the-top decor, shiny objects and all things sparkly. Consider metallic spray paint your new best friend, and give new life to bland frames, vases, florals and various other pieces of decor. Consider linens with a touch of sparkle, or use gold foil on invitations and paper goods.

Don’t forget lighting

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The right lighting is essential to making your winter wedding feel warm and magical. Clusters of candles throughout the room, twinkle lights on the ceiling or dim chandeliers can add the perfect touch of warmth. Bonus points if you can find a venue with a fireplace. Many people underestimate the power of lighting in giving an event the perfect ambiance. Simple decorations and appropriate lighting can be inexpensive ways to create a beautiful event.

Don’t forget your guests

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Make sure you take your guests into consideration! Instead of having them wait until the cocktail hour or reception, provide a drink station complete with warm choices, like hot cocoa, coffee or hot cider, so guests have something to warm up with while they watch your nuptials. Most guests will bring a coat, but just in case, a basket of shawls or wraps could be a nice touch.

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