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8 Romantic winter date ideas

With the temperature dropping, Canadians say goodbye to the warm summer nights and welcome the snow. The cold outside, however, shouldn’t take away from the warmth in your romantic relationship. While winter marks the upcoming holidays, it can be the most romantic season to spend with your loved one. Below are some of the most romantic dates to try this winter.

Wine Tasting

Though wine tasting is usually known as a spring or summer activity, it makes for a romantic date in the winter. If you both love wine, take a trip to taste the wines that winter has to offer. Choose your favourite wines together and bring them back home to enjoy on cozy winter nights.

Theatre or Museum Date

This idea is great for couples that are into the arts. Catch a play at your local community theatre, or go see a Broadway show if you have that option. There are a large variety of shows to catch, especially as the holidays approach. Another option is to visit a museum or art gallery and admire the pieces together.

Cozy movie night

Who says you have to go out to have a romantic date? Stay in and choose some movies or a television series that you both enjoy, grab a blanket, some snacks and cuddle up!

Indoor picnic

Another option when staying in is a romantic picnic. Get the fire going and settle in front of it with some wine or hot chocolate and some snacks. Roast some marshmallows together for a sweet treat. Want some more creative date ideas like this one? Click here for date ideas to satisfy any occasion!

Bundle up and take a walk

If you two are up for it, grab your jackets, scarves and mittens, and bundle up. Taking a walk in the cold together is romantic because you’ll have to stay close and hold hands for warmth. For some extra romantic ambience, take a stroll through neighborhoods where houses are decorated with beautiful Christmas lights.

Ice Skating

Of course, the classic winter date is frolicking on the ice. Get your skates on and visit your local skating rink, or if you have the option, an outdoor skating rink is more romantic. Finish the date off with some hot chocolate and good conversation.

Coffee shop

If you want to leave the house, many coffee shops offer a cozy environment with ambient music and even a fireplace. Order your favourite lattes and enjoy the conversation.

Weekend winter getaway

If you have the option to get away for a few days, winter cabins make for a great romantic weekend. In the daytime, go skiing together or feel like a kid and play in the snow. In the evening, enjoy an intimate dinner in the cozy cabin in front of a warm fireplace.

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