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Add some fun to your relationship with these 4 Sexy games

Maybe you and your partner have started to get into a routine that is more lukewarm than red-hot. Maybe you just want to spice up your evening in with a love game. Whatever the case, we have four great games for you and your honey to try out that will definitely turn up the heat in your bedroom!

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Truth or dare: a game of passion

You probably played this game plenty of times when you were in your teens, but just because you’ve gotten older doesn’t mean you can’t act like a teenager for the evening and enjoy a naughty game of truth or dare. Instead of making up questions, this game comes with a set of 100 sexy truth or dare cards and dice that will have you and your honey exploring all of your passions and desires.

Ditch your inhibitions; this game will have the both of you exploring your wants and fantasies inside and outside of the bedroom!


Instead of staking out real estate, you’ll be buying Sexual Spaces and choosing from Hot & Heavy and Erotic Chest cards in this naughty XXXopoly game. It’s a classic game with a sexy twist that’s sure to heat up your night!

How-to play: Start by rolling the dice to see what sexual space you land on; each sexual space is a sexual task, which you have the choice of buying. If you buy the space, your partner must perform or pay money to skip the task. With tasks ranging from making out to intercourse and even a red light district, you and your honey are set for a great night in!

XXXopoly is available at, prices may vary.


For an interactive game that you can play again and again, start up your DVD player for Just4Play. The game is a fun competition to see who can answer more questions ‘right’, but getting to the end of the game is just as fun [since it will have the two of you losing your clothes in the process]. With fun Q & As and erotic challenges, this game is a win-win for the both of you!

Sex is Fun

For a bedroom game that will knock your socks off, literally, try Sex is Fun. If you and your partner are looking for kinkier, crazier ways to have fun in the bedroom then look no further than this tantalizing game. It’s considered one of the best bedroom games out there [though not recommended for the shy or prude]. Not only is it a great way to learn about your partner, it’s also designed to shatter inhibitions and get people talking about sex!

How-to play: There are two sets of cards, the male card and female card. To start, you have to read the question on your card and predict how your partner will respond. If your partner’s response is ‘yes’ to a question there is the option to make them ‘prove it.’

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