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The best sex of your life

What woman doesn’t want amazing sex? From clothing to health tips, these 10 secrets ensure you’ll always get to enjoy the best sex of your life! We’re sure you already have bedroom tricks of your own, but after reading The Best Sex of your Life – 101 Secrets Every Woman Should Know, by sex experts Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi, we picked 10 secrets that had to be shared.

Sexy couple in bed


De-stress for amazing sex

These days, it’s easy to turn into a ball of stress, which is unhealthy physically and mentally. But did you know your stress can become a mental block and wreak havoc on your sex life? So next time you find yourself overwhelmed, go to a yoga class, take a walk or set aside some time to unwind.


Eat and drink to feel sexy

You are what you eat. So why not eat and drink your way to feeling sexy? There are plenty of foods that increase energy and/or libido; if you want an extra boost, check out Sexy Foods for Love.


Stop smoking for steamier sex

Not only is smoking unhealthy, costly and utterly unsexy — smoking can also take a toll on your sexual health. Nicotine restricts blood vessels, which decreases blood flow to both male and female genitalia (and can decrease libido). If you want a long life filled with great sex, kick the habit.


Safe makes it sexy

For relaxing, no-stress sex, play it safe. Whether you’re with a new partner or your husband, contraceptives are important. Who wants to worry about STDs or pregnancy while enjoying a moment of bliss?


A trench coat is always in style

Showing up with a long coat and nothing (or minimal undergarments) underneath will have your man begging for more. It’s all about being a bit of a tease and engaging in a little flirting.

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