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15 Ways to get over him

We’ve all been there before, and there’s no way around it: Breaking up sucks. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been let go or you’re the one who called it quits; the end of a relationship is often messy, and sometimes you need a little extra help to get through it.

Focus on yourself
Woman getting a pedicure

Get your nails done

Treat yourself to weekly at-home manicures and pedicures. Not only will you have polished and shiny nails, but some extra time to yourself spent pampering and preening will get you thinking about something else.

Glam up

If you start looking hot around the clock, you’ll begin feeling sexier and more confident. You’ll also avoid those awkward post-breakup run-ins with your ex at the grocery store, where he’s looking irresistibly cute, and you’re sporting sloppy trackies and a greasy ponytail. If you need a little extra help in the style department, try downloading the My Fashion Assistant app, which can serve as your ultimate closet organizer, style manager and shopping companion.

Meet new people

As much as you love your friends, it can be nice to get away from talks of how you’re getting by since the breakup. Try downloading the Badoo Mobile app that connects you to, where over 150 million people look to meet up.

Start a blog

Create a blog under a pseudonym, and vent away! Chances are you’ll come across others in the same situation and be able to get your frustrations off your chest.

Pick up a hobby

Ever wanted to learn tai chi? Or take a course in photography? Or enroll in an Italian cooking class? All your new free time offers the perfect opportunity to take on a project you’ve always wanted to do. Get inspired, and score some major deals with the LifeBooker app.

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