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7 Health and fitness gifts you can give without looking like a jerk

Chances are you’ve had a friend or family member express an interest in upping their health and fitness routine for 2015. Really, who doesn’t have that resolution on their New Year’s list?


t Giving a health- or fitness-related holiday gift can be tricky though; offer someone a gym membership or personal trainer and you get that “What are you really trying to say?” cut eye.

t The good news is that there are a ton of innovative and trendy new products, services and brand collaborations (many of which are Canadian!) geared toward the wellness-minded individual. You may even have to buy two, one for them and one for you.

Fresh canteen


t Getting started with home cooking or really just not in the mood to hit the grocery store? Fresh Canteen takes the guesswork out of meal prep and sends you a refrigerated box with perfect portions and easy-to-follow recipe cards that will take you from random ingredients to a delectable epicurean delight in just a few steps!

t (, $13/serving)

Tory Burch for Fitbit


t Fashion meets function for gorgeous wearable tech! Ever-stylish lifestyle brand Tory Burch has partnered up with Fitbit to create stunning, on-trend accessories that won’t drag your outfit down. Available in silver, gold or rose gold, the Metal Hinged Bracelet and Fret Pendant Necklace will tastefully monitor your fitness (or lack thereof) activity.

t (, $175 – $195, Fitbit Flex sold separately)

Six Pack bags Victoria Elite Tote

t Repeat after me: no more carrying lunch in shopping totes. Fortunately, Six Pack Fitness is ahead of the curve with their stunning Victoria Elite Tote, perfect for the meal planner on the go. With room for four meals, this beautifully designed bag can also house a laptop, keys, wallet and phone.

t (, $400)

Munch better


t When the 3:00 brick wall hits, turn away from the candy bar and coffee shop; stock the office drawer with healthy homegrown snacks! Munch Better, the Canadian snack subscription box, is packed with healthy munchies (even gluten-free and vegan ones) for no-guilt nibbling. Even better, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, coming to your door once a month.

t (, $25/month)



t Boxing? Spinning? Yoga? Find your perfect workout match with the Fitset pass. Ideal for fitness newbies and veterans, there’s always a new workout to try in Toronto and Fitset makes that easy. With 20 studio partners across the GTA, the Fitset pass gives members six months to try 20 trial classes, cheaper and way more fun than most gym memberships! Bonus: All studios are accessible via public transit.

t (, $49)

Jules’s Baskets


t Julie Tadeson, the Jules behind Jules’s Baskets, says “A gift is more than a kind gesture, it tells the story of a relationship you share with someone.” She hits the nail on the head with her selection of gift baskets, with collections ranging from spa, to stress-busting, to chocolate lover and more. Packed with items like artisan jams, antioxidant teas and inspiring books on wellness, there’s a basket designed for every recipient on your list.

t (, $37 – $347)

Chi Junky


t There’s a concierge service available for almost everything under the sun and Toronto meets its first wellness concierge through Chi Junky! From practitioners to classes to restaurants, Chi Junky will find you the best of everything the city has to offer when it comes to health and wellness. Their stunning Leslieville space is also home to a private yoga studio.

t (, call 416-466-7447 for pricing)

Photo credit: SimplyPanda/Flickr

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