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Funny Thanksgiving nutrition facts show how we really feel

Eating healthy is great… every other day of the year. But it’s Thanksgiving, so let’s be thankful for a little ignorance when it comes to what we’re putting in our (pumpkin) pie holes.

Every Thanksgiving, articles start surfacing with alarming titles like “Ways to cut fat on those holiday sides!” or “Healthy Thanksgiving meal ideas!” or “Low-calorie alternatives to enjoying life!” Okay, maybe not that last one but I wouldn’t be surprised.

And while there’s nothing wrong with a little self restraint and taking care of yourself, I want to be the voice of reason this Thanksgiving season and remind you that it’s just one meal.

Call me an turkey enabler, but I don’t think the Pilgrims would have wanted us worriedly checking nutritional info while we attempt to make our feast. So we whipped up (mmm whipped cream) the only nutritional facts that you should be concerned with on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving meal nutrition facts

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