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New yeast infection pill will make your vagina smell like peach

Hey ladies: Did you know our vaginas smell? In fact, they smell so bad that two men have invented a pill that will make them smell… like peaches. Oh yes. Like peaches.

Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome, two men who have started other companies in the past, launched this line of probiotics — pills that many take to bolster their immune system and stave off yeast — that also includes the “Sweet Peach” line. Like other probiotics, this is designed to prevent yeast infections and UTIs, but has the bonus of also making women’s ya-yas smell oh-so-fruity.

But would real women try it?

Understandably, the reaction to the product has been mixed. Some are saying we need to keep it natural and how dare two men say what is and isn’t good about the way we ladies smell down there. “I find the concept somewhat offensive,” says Baltimore yoga teacher and mom of three Julie Nogueira. “So, in addition to having perfectly made up yet natural-looking complexions, manicured nails and mostly hairless bodies, our vaginas must now smell like fruit?”

April Campbell, a mom of two from Boston, Massachusetts, agrees: “I keep clean and my husband likes me just the way I am. He and I want me to smell like a woman not an orchard,” she says.

She has a point.

But the founders say that our smell isn’t natural anyway. They say it is just the result of the millions of organisms living in our vaginal secretions and that there is no reason to be offended. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. Yum.

In all seriousness, I am tempted to give this a try. I know I am not the only woman who has occasionally turned down my husband’s desire to dive down there because I don’t feel like it’s as fresh as it could be. If you’ve ever had that “not so fresh” feeling, then you are not alone. Besides, I love the smell of peach and I’m not sure this differs so wildly from perfume. Isn’t that trying to cover the natural female smell as well?

The truth is, it’s not just women who suffer from smelliness. All humans smell on occasion. That’s where a shower comes in handy. The smell of a washed vagina, barring any infections, ought to be delicious enough on its own. But if this makes women more confident, then I say go forth! I just wish a woman had invented it instead.

And then, as Campbell says: “I might consider it if they’d make a probiotic for men that made their penis taste like a margarita.”

She has a point.

Would you try something like this?

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