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A Natural Remedy for your Sore Throat

I can almost guarantee that you’re going to get a sore throat at some point this cold/flu season. The stabbing, burning, can’t swallow feeling is one of the most uncomfortable things you can experience while sick.


t What’s the cause of all that irritation? Usually, it’s inflammation. Inflammation can be the result of a virus or bacteria and leads to swelling, pain and discomfort. While a virus will eventually resolve with immune supportive treatments, bacteria can require a stronger intervention. If you’re dealing with something more serious, like strep throat, you’ll want to look for key signs and symptoms. The absence of a cough, fever, palpable lymph nodes in the neck and visible white patches in the back of the throat all point towards a bacterial strep infection. You should seek medical care immediately if you suspect you might have strep throat.

t A benign sore throat is fairly common and there are plenty of soothing home treatments to help manage it. A warm salt water gargle and hot honey and cayenne tea are a couple of my favorites. A lesser known home remedy that works wonders is a mixture of turmeric and honey. It’s a popular spice in Indian cooking and is well known in Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.


t This simple remedy is easy to make and provides almost instant relief for a sore throat. Honey, like turmeric, is a natural antiseptic and its thick quality coats the throat. Turmeric has a pungent and bitter taste that is less intense when paired with honey. The best ratio is 3:1; three parts honey to one part turmeric.

t This recipe can be used for children and adults and can be added to warm water for a soothing winter wellness tonic.


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