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12 Bucket list vacations to take with your beau

If you’re lucky enough to find someone you love, then hopefully you’re just as lucky to find a destination that you could both fall in love with together. But with so many places in the world, how do you pick the best one for you? If you’re looking for the perfect place to have a romantic getaway, then I suggest adding one (or all!) of these destinations to your future travel list.


1. Maldives: Beachy remote

t This is for the couple that loves each other so much that they need only themselves and the clear blue sea to be happy. Known for its over-water bungalows, Maldives is a fairly new tourist destination which has no shortage of luxury resorts. It is made up of 1,200 small islands, 200 of which are inhabited. For the ones that cater to tourists, there is typically just one resort on the island, which means you must do research beforehand and pick one that has the right food and amenities for you.


Photo credit: Neville Wootton/Flickr

2. Bora Bora: Ocean paradise

t With general similarities to Maldives, this is another great option. It’s more popular with Americans as it’s closer to the U.S. and more accessible. Resorts aren’t as remote, with options to explore the island beyond where you’re staying.


Photo credit: Daria Svistunova/Wikimedia

3. Seychelles: Island hopping

t Seychelles offers amazing natural beauty and is made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Like Bora Bora, it is easier to explore and island hop.


Photo credit: Martin120/Wikimedia

4. Abu Dhabi: Desert love

t If you’re not into a beach getaway, Abu Dhabi might be your place. Neighboring Dubai (about two hours away by ground transport) gets a lot of the attention, but Abu Dhabi is more laid back and still has unique finds. Activities range from camel racing to the Arabian wildlife park with 10,000 roaming free animals. Accommodations range from luxury properties to more remote desert compounds.

t Note: For a desert plus beach getaway, I recommend combining this with Maldives for a perfect combo; it’s just a four-hour flight away.


Photo credit: Rüdiger Meier/Wikimedia

5. Barbados: Caribbean variety

t Barbados offers a full spectrum of options for a couple. There are basic to luxury level resorts, but what I love most about Barbados is the ability to travel around the island and explore. Activities range from catamaran sea turtle tours to exploring the Mount Gay rum factory. And food options are plentiful, with internationally renowned dining which is particularly centered in the island’s west coast.


Photo credit: Berit/Wikimedia

6. Bali: Zen lovers

t Bali has a lovely lush landscape with a combination of gorgeous beaches and scenic natural backdrops. For those who seek exotic elephant rides and trips to the perfectly manicured rice paddies in Ubud, this is for you.


Photo credit: Dohduhdah/Wikimedia

7. Paris, France: City of love

t Paris is simply known as the city of love. The picturesque scenery and the familiar city staples are perfect for couples. It is a city that moves at the right pace for a peaceful and romantic getaway. The parks invite you to get fresh bread, cheese and wine and just lay out with your loved one and enjoy the surroundings.


Photo credit: Benh LIEU SONG/Wikimedia

8. Amsterdam: Edgy getaway

t For those couples that find artistic and edgy places inspiring, Amsterdam is your place. It has a quintessential European feel with small winding streets and a rich history. While it is popular for coffee shops and the red light district, it has a great street art culture and amazing museums. The canals add to the unique vibe of the city as well.


Photo credit: Lies Thru a Lens/Wikimedia

9. Santorini, Greece: Picturesque romantics

t Spectacular sunsets and seemingly endless infinity pools. What else do you need? Santorini offers both to couples who are looking for truly beautiful sites.


Photo credit: Lindsey Maurice, U.S. Air Force/Wikimedia

10. Venice, Italy: Classic amore

t Imagine riding in a gondola right through the gorgeous canals of Italy, and then reaching a bridge where you give your special someone a loving kiss. Italy is known for romance and love. Spend your days exploring the city, and nights having the best pizza, pasta and more.


Photo credit: Rambling Traveler/Wikimedia

11. Namibia: Safari sweethearts

t For couples looking to have a true adventure, nothing beats an African safari. There are packages which allow couples to get up close and personal with wildlife and spend nights in romantic and rustic huts.


Photo credit: GIRAUD Patrick/Wikimedia

12. St. Lucia: Eco-friendly paradise

t Last but not least, St. Lucia. This small island is only 238 square miles in size but has a growing focus on tourism. It is known for its Pitons (volcanic mountains), sulfur baths and deep blue seas. While there are many luxury resorts which cost top dollar for a room, there are also some more affordable hidden gems like the Inn on the Bay, which is where I’ll be staying in about a week for my next romantic getaway.


Photo credit: Jayen466/Wikimedia

t Which one makes the top of your travel list?

Photo credit: XiXinXing/Getty Images

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