7 SheKnows staffers show off their gym bag must-haves

I’ve been putting off my gym membership since probably 2008. I know it’s time to make the commitment, but I have so many questions. How often should I go? Close to home, close to work? Exactly how much stuff do I need to bring with me? So I checked in with my fabulous coworkers across SheKnows Media, most of them dedicated exercise fanatics, to find out what their absolute must-haves for working out are.

Dianne Cairoli, Account Director at StyleCaster

What's in my gym bag DiannePhoto Credit: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

“I’m obsessed with my gym bag because it’s deep but not wide, so I can fit everything I need from makeup, deodorant, to my gym clothes and shoes without taking up too much space on the subway.”

(Favorite: New York magazine)

Kristine Cannon, Entertainment Editor at SheKnows

What's in my gym bagPhoto Credit: Tiffany Egbert

“Because I’m usually heading straight home from the gym, I only carry essentials — shoes, gym towel, hair tie, water bottle and gym clothes. If I have a particularly sweaty workout, I’ll freshen up in the locker room. But other than that, I have a pretty light bag!”

(Favorite: Zippered gym towel)

Melissa Gilbert, Director of Sales at StyleCaster

What's in my gym bag MelissaPhoto Credit: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

“I hate carrying heavy bags around town so I keep my gym bag very light. Other than the obvious workout gear essentials (sports bra, breathable top, running leggings and of course Nike shoes) I always keep deodorant, a jewelry box (so I don’t have to dig everywhere for my jewels), a pen (because you never know when and where you will need a pen) and my music and earbuds. I can’t work out without music so those are as important as my workout gear.”

(Favorite: Nike shoes)

Nantale Muwonge, International Editor at SheKnows

What's in my gym bag NantalePhoto Credit: Tiffany Egbert

“I always have a pre- or post-workout protein bar or shake with me, depending on what I’ve eaten that day and what type of workout I have planned. I also always have facial wipes in my gym bag, just in case I can’t shower immediately after working out. It helps prevent breakouts.”

(Favorite: Protein bar)

Crystal Brown, Director of Content at SheKnows

What's in my gym bag CrystalPhoto Credit: Tiffany Egbert

“On any given workday I am usually going from the day care, to work, back to the day care, the elementary school and finally to the gym. So I have to carry every possible thing in my gym bag that I will need to work out later. I need my gym clothes, a snack to eat during my commute (I usually throw in one for the kids, too), my shower stuff and a change of clothes to put on after the gym. I have to take a shower at the gym — I put together dinner as soon as I get home and wouldn’t get the chance to do so otherwise!”

(Favorite: Cranberry water)

Rolando Robinson, Editorial Designer at StyleCaster

What's in my gym bag RolandoPhoto Credit: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

“My gym bag is more of a ‘spa bag.’ The things I carry in there all range from cosmetics, to prestigious skin care, to sketch pads. My life is very customized, so I need to make sure I’m comfortable and feeling great pre- and post- workout. The most annoying part is being in transit, hence why I need to make sure I leave the house with nothing less.”

(Favorite: Beauty elixir)

Kelli Uhrich, Home & Living Editor at SheKnows

What's in my gym bag KelliPhoto Credit: Tiffany Egbert

“A lunch break workout would be my preference, but it gets so crazy around here that I can rarely make that happen. So, even though I’m usually not able to hit the gym until the end of the day, I keep my bag ready for a midday workout just in case. I have what I call a ‘sweat bag.’ It’s like a gym bag inside my gym bag, where I keep all of the items that wind up sweaty post-workout (clothes, hand towel, etc.). This keeps my car from smelling like Gold’s Gym. Face wipes and shower flip-flops are also must-have items for me, as well as extra hair ties in case I forget. And if I don’t have my cell phone and Bluetooth headphones, well, I’m probably not going to the gym. I must have my e-books and playlists!”

(Favorite: iPhone armband)

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