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Ryan Gosling workout tees sexier than Ryan Gosling (maybe)

Combining two hot trends in working out — the hottest man in Hollywood, Ryan Gosling (duh!) and graphic tees — and you’ve got the ultimate motivation to keep it moving on the treadmill.

1. Ryan Gosling squat tank top

Squat like Ryan Gosling is standing behind you

Active Apparel, $24

Hey, I’d do 100 more squats if Ryan Gosling was standing behind me. This tank comes in four different styles, women’s sizes and multiple colors. There are even options for sleeved shirts and men’s/unisex. I think I just found Christmas presents for all my girlfriends.

2. Ryan Gosling running shirt

Ryan Gosling Run

Shop Jeen, $35 

Weird? Check. Funny? Check? Christmas list? Check! As a gag gift, I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

3. Ryan Gosling motivation tank


Skreened, $28

What if there really was a marathon where Ryan Gosling was the prize at the finish? Sign me up. This idea could actually raise a lot of money for charity. Let’s look into it. In the meantime, you can wear this tank as you train.

4. Ryan Gosling sweatshirt

Ryan Gosling weight

Active Apparel, $30

It’s possibly a bit much for the grocery store, but it’s perfect for those at-home workouts. Or to stay at home in sweats. Or to watch Ryan Gosling movies all day. Yes, please.

5. Ryan Gosling recovery shirt

Ryan Gosling's body is 65% water and I'm thirsty

Human, $23

After all the working out, I’m going to need some Ryan Gosling — I mean water — to stay hydrated.

Would you wear any of these?

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