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The important lesson this guy can teach us about body love (VIDEO)

Go and find some before and after photos of people who have lost a bunch of weight. Tell me, what do you see? Chances are, all of the “after” photos show a trim and taut god or goddess with a perfect six pack and well-defined muscles.

The reality? Not so perfect. Skin doesn’t always bounce back as the fat melts away, especially if the person loses a lot of weight.

Take John David Gaude, for example. The YouTube star — who goes by the name Obesetobeast — recently lost 160 pounds by sheer hard work and determination. He looks like a ripped Adonis now, but he says everything isn’t “as perfect as people want to think” when it comes to his skin.

“I’m not as self-conscious at all… when I have a layer of my skin,” he says in his latest video. In the clip, Gaude strips down to show what’s left as a result of his massive weight loss: several inches of skin that hang loosely over his well-defined chest, arm and leg muscles.

“This is not what I would’ve wanted after losing 160 pounds, right?” he says. “I would’ve wanted to have a perfect body.”

But, what’s perfect, really? We’re all awesome, no matter if our bodies are scarred or stretch marked. Gaude rightfully recognizes that he’s managed to transform his body in ways he never thought possible, so what’s the big deal about a little extra skin? Nothing at all.

“You should never let loose skin or anything else stop you from going for your dreams,” he added. “Loose skin and all, I am happy with where I’ve come from and where I’m at.”

“My dreams are to be very happy in my skin, and I am.”

Watch Obesetobeast teach us about body love

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