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Guy pays $1,000 to save a possum, basically just to get laid

Well, we gotta give it to Noah. He officially wins the title of “guy willing to do absolutely anything to see a girl naked.”

And that’s saying something, especially since most of the guys I know are willing to do a lot to get between the sheets with their girl of choice.

The bearded Georgia native tells us about it on the latest installment of Oxygen’s My Crazy Love. Each week, the show tells two unbelievable stories of what both men and women are willing to do for sex or love.

In the newest episode, Noah explains how he met the girl of his dreams, Stacy, at his housewarming party. The young veterinarian student immediately fell in love with Noah’s dog, so he managed to parlay that into a date. A few weeks in, she showed up for their date wearing “that dress” — the one that he claims all girls wear when they’re planning to give it up that night.

Plenty of flaws with that thought process, but let’s continue.

So, they have a great date — according to Noah — and take things back to his place. That’s when things get interesting. His dog ended up killing a possum and presented it to them when they walked in the door. Noah freaks, but Stacy doesn’t seem to mind because she’s obsessed with saving the animal. They miraculously save the day and he gets the bill for $500. He ends up paying because, you know, he’s totally getting some and $500 is a small price to pay to see a girl naked.

And yes, he does get some when they get home.

The next day she promises more of the same if he manages to take care of the possum. Well, things digress from there and he eventually plunks down another $500 for the possum. You’ll have to see the show to see exactly how things end up, but let’s just say it doesn’t go exactly according to plan.

My question: Are girls really impressed by this? I’m definitely not. It seems sweet on the surface — he’s willing to plunk down cash to make a girl happy. But is he really doing it for her? Uh, no. He’s doing it for the sex. Maybe just keep that to yourself, Noah… desperation doesn’t look very good on you. But that beard? On point. Keep working on that.

You can tune in to My Crazy Love for more weird love connections Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

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