Julianne Hough’s strength-training workout builds mad muscle

Add this to the list of sentences I never thought I’d write: I’m really mesmerized by Julianne Hough’s muscle tone. She’s got a rocking bod, she always has, but check out her new spread in Shape and your jaw might drop a little.

Julianne Hough and her personal trainer

Let’s be honest, not everyone’s body will look like this and by no means should we feel pressured to. But if you are one to love working out and what it does for you inside and out, then consider this a V.I.P. pass to the expensive, top-notch expert trainers the stars have access to.

I’m not promising that by doing the following exercises you’ll eventually have Hough’s near-perfect body, but if you make some time for this routine each week you will start to feel like you’re kicking ass and taking names (and also probably a little like someone is kicking your ass because let’s face it, strength training is hard.)

And when your muscles are really burning sore, you can thank Astrid Swan McGuire who created this set as Hough’s friend and trainer.

Before you start:

  • Get dumbbells and a jump rope
  • Do one set of each move with a high-intensity cardio interval in between each (100 jump rope revolutions, 20 burpees or three minutes on the treadmill). Repeat the full circuit once or twice.

1. Push-up kick back

Because push-ups aren’t hard enough on their own. Do this for 60 seconds, alternating sides. Once done, do a cardio interval before moving on.

Julianne Hough strength training

2. Plié windmill

This is going to work your shoulders, abs, butt and your thighs for 60 whole seconds. Again, alternate sides throughout. Once done, do a cardio interval before moving on.

Julianne Hough strength training workout

3. Drawbridge

Read closely because this one gets confusing.

Hold a weight in your right hand and lie on your left side, left forearm on the floor with elbow below shoulder, legs extended forward about 30 degrees.

Extend right arm straight out and lift torso (keep hips down). Raise right leg and hold for a count, then raise left leg to meet it and hold for a count (see picture).

Lower left leg and hold for a count, then lower right leg. Repeat for 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat to complete set.

Once done, do a cardio interval before moving on.

Drawbridge exercise with Julianne hough

Now, I have to play that dirty internet trick where I announce that the rest of the workout can be found in Shape Magazine this month. But it’s worth it! Hough talks Dancing with the Stars and more on her healthy lifestyle.

P.S. That adorable sports bra Hough is wearing will be available at Lululemon in late December. It’s the Live Natural Bra, $52.

Shape Magazine cover

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