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Man Crush Mondays: 12 things to love about Idris Elba

He acts. He raps. He deejays. He produces. He directs. Now, he’s one of the caped crusaders fighting against Ebola. Basically, there’s nothing Idris Elba can’t do — and he looks fabulous doing it. Here are 12 things you need to know about him (like, right now) that’ll make you swoon over him even more. As if that’s even possible.

1. Hey, Mr. Deejay

Image credit: Twitter/idriselba

At 14, Elba helped his uncle with his wedding deejay business, and within a year started his own deejay company with friends. By 19, he was working in nightclubs and is still in the biz under the names DJ Big Driis or Big Driis the Londoner. (Which means we need to book a party, stat.)

2. Before hitting it big, he did what he had to do to make ends meet

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Before his role on The Wire launched him into the stratosphere, Elba was a doorman at Carolines on Broadway and deejaying to pay the bills. (At one point early on in his career, he even lived in his car.)

3. He’s one of those multi-talented specimens

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Not only is he an award-winning actor (he won a Golden Globe in 2012 for his role on Luther) and stellar deejay, but also a singer and rapper. His new album, Mi Mandela, drops Nov. 24.

4. He’s a dad times two

Image credit: Twitter/idriselba

The doting dad has a daughter, Isan Elba, and now a son, Winston Elba, who was born on April 17. (Swoon.)

5. He’s working on, like, 75 movies right now

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Kidding, but he does have quite a few films in the works, including A Hundred Streets, Bastille Day and Alive Alone.

6. Even so, he’s not into the whole fame thing

Image credit: Instagram/7dub

He once told the Mirror he has the same friends from when he was a kid and that his life’s about his family and what’s best for them. On being famous: “I don’t want to get into all of that… That isn’t me, it just isn’t.” Which ironically, will make him even more famous. I mean, who doesn’t love a guy who plays hard to get?

7. He’s using his fame for good

Video credit: Twitter/United Nations

Elba, whose father is from Sierra Leone, has joined the fight against Ebola. Among other things, he’s coordinating with the United Nations officials to work out specific ways he can help them stop the virus in its tracks.

8. His favorite Disney classic is The Jungle Book

Image credit: Instagram/7dub

Which is a good thing, considering he’s going to be the voice of Shere Khan in the Jon Favreau remake. (Say it with me now: “Awww!”)

9. His favorite video games are FIFA and UFC

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10. He photobombed Oprah’s first selfie

Image credit: Twitter/Oprah

For real.

11. Not only did he star in Mumford and Sons’ “Lover Of The Light” music vid, he directed it too

Video credit: YouTube/MumfordAndSonsVEVO

Let’s take a moment to appreciate his fine… work.

12. He’s beeeautiful

GIF credit:

But you knew that already.

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