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WTF love story: Woman pretends to be deaf when a guy hits on her

Quick: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done to nab a guy. Me? I took four shots of tequila in 15 minutes because he was impressed that I could “drink like a dude.”

Yeah… not a good idea, at all. I ended up vomiting in the beer garden at a bar as he ghosted with his pals. Not my finest 45 minutes, but we’ve all done something crazy for “love.”

Take Alaska-based welder Tina, for example. She works with a ton of guys out in the field, but they aren’t exactly the type of guy she’s looking to keep as her ever after. Her prospects looked dim, until she spotted the hottest guy ever during a GNO. He made his way over to her and she… pretended to be deaf.

Wait, what?

That’s the story she tells on the new show My Crazy Love, debuting tonight on Oxygen. Each week, the show features two unbelievable cringeworthy stories of what women — including some famous ones — have done to snag the guy of their dreams (or at least the guy of the night).

Luckily, Tina was able to pull off the whole deaf thing, thanks to some sign language lessons she got from a legitimately deaf pal. The crafty brunette was able to keep her game up for weeks and her fisherman beau was none the wiser.

Do they end up together? You’ll have to watch to find out, but let’s just say that we bow down to the lengths she’s willing to go to for love, even if we — and she — isn’t exactly sure why she pretended to be deaf.

Oh, and as for what I’d do now for love? I still do stupid things, but let’s just say tequila isn’t involved anymore.

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