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10 Things worse than your worst first date

A bad first date is pretty bad.

But wait! It’s not nearly as bad as these 10 awful, terrible and horrifying things.

1. Bra malfunctions

bra malfunction

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Who the hell created these monstrous devices?

2. Realizing you’ve used your roommate’s toothbrush


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So that’s why it was suspiciously moist every morning. The only thing more unsettling is deciding whether or not to tell her.

3. The comments section on any article written by a woman, ever

ron burgundy

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Ron Burgundy exists in real life, you guys. Only I imagine the guys behind misogynistic comments are a lot hairier and less charming.

4. The regret upon trimming your own bangs

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This has happened to me at least 11 times. I keep doing it, though, because I like saving $10.

5. This guy

this guy

Photo Credit: Tumblr

If you stop talking, maybe no one will know you’re an idiot.

6. Wedge sneakers

you look terrible

Photo Credit: Wifflegif

Simply put: Wedge sneakers shouldn’t exist.

7. Group projects at work

group projects

At least a bad date gives you some funny stories. Having to talk to your co-workers every day? That’s real life, man, and it’s sad.

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8. Pitbull’s music. All of it.


We like your voice, Pitbull, but why are you such a skeeze toward women? Ugh, and the semi-wink. Ugh.

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9. Missing a spot while shaving


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How is it possible to meticulously shave and still miss entire swaths — nay, grasslands — of body hair? It’s a riddle for all of time.

10. Spending the rest of your life with your dud first date

peace out

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See? It’s not so bad, girl.

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